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We are proud to present to our friends in the DC Metro and northern New Jersey businesses and non-profit organizations community — or anywhere our network can bring business and organization owners together.

We are:

Bruce Fulton is a full time web developer, professional musician, and world traveler. The core talent Bruce brings to web development is his dedication to writing clean codeBruce truly cares about his clients and their needs, which combined with his insistence upon quality makes him a unique asset to any web project. We hear all too often from people whose websites are a mess because the developer took shortcuts, never completed or stopped supporting the site, or otherwise left a mess. That will NOT happen with Bruce and ProjectOneView.

Michael Bromley is a teacher, entrepreneur and author. Michael loves teaching and has taught the Arlington County, Virginia, adult ed “Small Business Startup” class for three years. What inspires Michael is to help students at any level achieve their dreams. He loves business, and he loves the entrepreneurial spirit.

The ProjectOneView network

The inspiration for the ProjectOneView network came from Michael’s Small Business Startup classes. Michael long thought about creating a network by which former students and other business owners can continue to learn from each other and to share ideas, links, and opportunities. Bruce applied his coding magic and created this beautiful, clean, and easy-to-use website in order to help your business or organization.

Our Goals

1.Small business profile and website listing

Post your business profile here with or without links, for our network to view, link to, and spread the word. Visitors can browse around for ideas and contacts, and get connected.

2. Backlinking

Search engines rank websites for organic searches based upon the number and quality of “backlinks” that point to the site. Links here will improve your own site’s SEO rankings. We encourage our members to post their links here and also to link back to and other websites in the network in order to enhance SEO and networking.

3. Networking

Meet peers and people from different industries and backgrounds, share, learn, and expand your network, because that’s what it’s all about!

4. Resources sharing and recommendations

Know a good accountant or marketing service, please share your recommendations with the community!

5. Product or Service presentations

Show off your finest moments with our community and give it a link for them and search engines to find on your own pages.

6. Blog contributions

We’d love to feature your stories and ideas on the ProjectOneView blog

Welcome & please join the network now!

* You will need a registration code, so please email here or fill out the contact form , let us know who you are and we will gladly welcome you to the community!

– Michael

About the Author

Founder and President of LLC and The A+ Club, Bromley previously built a $12MM consumer products business, wrote two books and numerous magazine articles on automotive and political history, and has appeared on national documentaries for History Channel, A&E and others. Bromley also teaches a Small Business Startup class and enjoys helping other entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.


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