Network Listing LLC & the A+ Club

Business Description

The A+ Club academic program provides coaching, mentoring and tutoring to middle & high school and college students. Our experienced classroom teachers engage students in reflection, goal setting and problem solving, and our university graduates & undergrads help students in all subjects, especially math and science. Additionally, we support student organization and executive function through daily assignments updates and weekly grades and missing work lists for both students and parents.

The A+ Club empowers student success and parental oversight.

Business Vision or Mission Statement

My vision is to save education one student, one parent, and one teacher at a time. I believe in students and schools, but not every student is equipped to navigate school effectively. We want to help those students to meet their full potential and have the most opportunities as they head into college and beyond.

Mission Statement:
The A+ Club™ & The Homework Tracker™ build student success through articulation and ownership of academic responsibilities, with professional, positive, third-party support.

My Story

As a high school teacher, I loved working with the kids and engaging them in my passion for history and learning. I also came to understand how difficult it can be for many students to meet the often irrelevant demands of school and to find meaning in teacher expectations. Employing the entrepreneurial spirit to my own classroom, I developed a system to help kids help themselves. My students named it “The A+ Club,” and it went so well I decided to develop the program as an independent academic program.

My Competitive Advantage

My business focuses on fundamental academic processes. Unlike our tutoring competitors, our holistic approach to academic support empowers all aspects of student success. We develop student goal-setting, problem solving, assignment tracking, and we raise student academic awarness with the goal of building student independence (so that the students no longer need tutoring!).

As we are home-based, we can deliver prices and values that our competitors can't touch. Our tutors and teachers are part-time, which means we can hire the highest-quality, most enthusiastic "student supporters" who love working with kids on top of their regular work as teachers, students, and professionals.

My Advice

Be passionate about changing the world with your products or services!