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Electric Layout LLC


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Business Description

I have over 15 years experience using PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT to build custom websites, applications, Drupal sites, Drupal modules, WordPress sites, and WordPress plugins. I solve problems for organizations, small businesses, and individuals who need member management, event organization, blogging ability, social media integration, data visualization, e-learning, e-commerce and unique solutions for specific needs.

Business Vision or Mission Statement

I work closely with organizations to design custom solutions that will save my clients time and energy.

My Story

After working in the tech world for more than 10 years, I decided venture out on my own and start my own business. Some clients hire me for a short period of time to execute on a specific project while others keep me as their "Web Guy". I find that by working with a close group of people who have direct access to me, I am able to continually grow with an organization as their needs and goals change.

My Competitive Advantage

With years of experience and a broad skill set I am able to execute almost all needs of a client. Although primarily a developer I have a solid understanding of design. By working independently I am able to keep my prices low and still deliver entire websites without the reliance on other contractors.

My Advice

Work on what you love. Use technology to your advantage. Always take a stab at doing things yourself before you hire. When you reach a wall look to others for help. Don't be a afraid to spend money to make money.